Andrew McCauley

AUTOPILOT YOUR BUSINESS BIO<br /><br />AutoPilot Your Business is a full service Digital Marketing Agency. In layman’s terms this means we are seriously good at putting together a customised plan so you can beat your competition online and get more clients. We base this “map” on you and your team’s personalities and skill-sets and your brand. After all, if you and your team aren’t excited about using the internet to grow your business it won’t work in the long-run…and as we write this we get excited all over again about the power of using the internet properly. <br />And for those of you who are a bit more “techy” here is what we do for our clients: <br /><br />• Social Media Management – yes, there is a strategy that get serious results<br />• Email Marketing – now that you have a list what do you do with it?<br />• Shopping Cart Setup – if you are not “upselling” you are missing out on $$$<br />• SEO - make sure you come before your competitors when people use Google to find you<br />• WordPress Websites – 15% of the world’s websites use WordPress, they can’t be wrong!<br />• Landing Page Creation - if you are serious about making sales you MUST have a page that is only focused on selling<br />• Membership Site Creation and Maintenance – ONGOING revenue…need we say more?<br />• Automated Webinars – most people don’t like picking up the phone. Imagine giving them the chance to get to know you without having to call you.<br />• Product Creation – if you are only selling 1 product or service you already lost. It is in our nature to compare and look for a deal.<br />• Affiliate Systems – suddenly overnight you have a sales team.