Rupert Davenport

I make a lot of money by doing Forex Trading and I have been for about a year now. <br /><br />I started with $300 and after 12 months and implementing kinda strict rules on my Automatic Forex Robot - I have made as of the 1 Oct 2010 - <br /><br />$9487.12 <br /><br />Not bad considering I only invested $300. Well that's Christmas pressies sorted out. Now to start on the family holiday fund. <br /><br />Anyone can do this. I originally wanted to prove something to myself that I could make money without getting up early in the morning and coming home late at night. Don't get me wrong, I still do but only 2 days a week opposed to 6 days/week. <br /><br />If you're interested, have a read on the review website on FAP Turbo, that's the one that I use. There's a lot more information on the official website but you can get a third party review perspective when you visit the review website. <br /><br />Give it a go! If you don't like it then return it before the 60 day guarantee is up to get your no questions asked refund.