Athena Hollow

I've been involved in the AltPorn industry since I turned 18. I have worked for various sites. I have graduated from just modeling to being a site owner myself. <br /><br />I am a web designer (not programmer) and aspiring web graphics designer. I dabble in things such as clothing and cosplay design, but would also love to take those full time. <br /><br />I'm a geek & gamer and pride myself on such things. I'm an xbox achievement whore. I love all things 8bit, as that is what I grew up on. From Mario to Sonic to Cloud Strife or Gordon Freeman, I have played so many games, I don't even like to think of the hours spent. <br /><br />I started working on Anime Music Videos (amv's) nearly a decade ago. I have fun making them, and I do it for myself. It's helped me brush up and improve on my video editing skills for my chosen career.