Ash Parker

HI ALL ON THIS PAGE YOU WILL FIND ALL CURRENT EPISODES AND SOME EXTRAS FROM OUR SURREAL BRITISH COMEDY WEBSERIES HAND ISLAND. <br /><br />IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE VISIT WWW.HANDISLAND.COM TO SEE ALL OUR EPISODES IN HD <br /><br />IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE KEPT UPTODATE WITH NEW RELEASES PLEASE JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP AT <br /><br />!/group.php?gid=20453702056&ref=ts <br /><br />Concept: Alex Robinson <br /><br />Writers: Ash Parker, Alex Robinson and Katherine Kotz <br /><br />Director: Ash Parker <br /><br />p.s the pilot you also see on this page was released a year before the series and is not an accurate example of the new episodes which are a million times better ;)