Patrick ArteCrewProd

Arte Crew (Productions) is a professional Parkour team from Poland. <br /><br /> <br /> HD<br /> <br /><br />Professional Parkour, Stunts, Acrobatics, <br />Martial-Arts, 3run, Coaching, Filming, Video Editing <br /><br />The Arte Crew is connecting people from Kalisz and Łódź. We have well-off parkour experiences since 2002. In this year Sonny created Parkour Patriots team. This team was one of first polish parkour groups. Year 2004 we recorded our first movie. In these times it was amazing skills and big surprised for polish parkour community, in this year we recorded our first professional production to TVN channel to Adrenalina show. A few months a go when we recorded material for these same channel to Uwaga report we meet our third member Belka, and from this day we cooperating together. In 2006 our team take part in Red Bull movie competition Red Bull City Rage. Our team it was one of 3 winners. We and other 2 teams was travelled around our country and we recorded really professional parkour movies. Last part of this project was training session with coaches from Frances PAWA (Parkour Worldwide Association). They invited us to PAWA community. We cooperated with this association to 2007, in this year we created Arte Crew and we still working in this crew. We have a lot of experiences with training, traveling, preparing training sessions, and international workshops and seminars about art of movement, exhibitions in events and concerts, we cooperated with Red Bull and Snickers corporations. We are editing and recording videos, taking a pictures and organizing choreography to acrobatics, parkour and stunt performances. <br /><br />What can we offer? <br /><br />• Professional organizing and coordination parkour, street stunts and 3run performance. <br />• Take participation in commercials. <br />• Prepare parkour, street stunts and 3run action to movie productions.