What is your Armis IQ?<br /><br />Can the Coast Guard board the Aircraft carrier when it is directly next to it?<br /><br />Name three of the opponent's pieces that the child cannot climb over? <br /><br />Under what condition can the Flag attack? <br /><br />Identify 10 regions on the board.<br /><br />Name all of your military pieces. <br /><br />What is the duty of the flag/country? <br /><br />How many boxes make up the Eastern Corridor?<br /><br />In what way can a helicopter indirectly take a Nuke? <br /><br />In blocks, what is the maximum impact zone of the Nuke when activated?<br /><br />Name four ways that someone can loose his nuke?<br /><br />What is the maximum number of passengers the Aircraft carrier can have at any given time? <br /><br />Who created the Armis board game (Armis)?<br /><br />When was Armis board game first trademarked?<br /><br />Who was the first certified Armis instructor? <br /><br />Explain the meaning of “conditional offensive”.<br /><br />What is the meaning of the word Armis?<br /><br />Name two officially named set-ups. <br /><br />What are two ways to win the game? <br /><br />What are the names of the two sea bodies?<br /><br />Explain how the President can board a sub without the use of the coast guard? <br /><br />Why is the Polder Valley space totally different than any other space on the board?<br /><br />Given the Sub’s max travel distance, can the sub move one space to coastal waters then another space to land? If yes, why; if no, why not?<br /><br />In an ideal situation, what is the lowest number of moves a player can make to win a game? <br /><br />How many squares are on a game board made for four players? <br /><br />What is the Armis motto?<br /><br />Why was Armis created?<br />Armis IQ Scoring Key<br />0 - 52 pts - pssst, just call it a practice test <br /><br />52+ - 100 pts - really gotta play more often <br /><br />100+ - 110 pts - you're pretty smart eh?<br /><br />110+ - 400 pts - international genius <br /><br />400+ pts - you gotta be an Armis instructor