Lord Arc

It’s your Architect of beats in the building<br /><br />Architectnique is Hip-Hop Beat making DJ, illustrator graphic designer, and a MC that started out in the Bronx. Born and rising the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, he move to the Bronx in 1988 to attend Junior High at J.H.S. 80 Mosholu Parkway north Bronx New York where he illustrated all the way to high school. Architectnique began learning and making Hip Hop music in Fordham University street in the Bronx right by music Factory formerly know as Beat Street. He originally design hip hop music with three dual cassette decks, The NES system, Super NES system, saga's Genesis, one turn table and a Gemini Mixer. Later to upgrade to three Gemini's DS-8 and 1224 Digital samplers that was very popular at the 1990's. Looking up to Artists like DJ Red Alert, Chuck chill out, DJ Premier, Daddy Rich of 3rd bass, TR Love of Ultramagnetic MCs and the DJ Kid Capri. He was not able to afford professional direct drive turn tables so he continued to make hip hop beats while attending The High School of Art and Design. there Architectnique learn how to put Drums to anything like the sound track of Hair, Grease, Street Fighter videogame, 5 deadly Venoms, Super Mario Brothers, The Drunken Master, Contra, NES sound effect, Sonic The Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Opera Music, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, castlevania, Beethoven, and the Master Killer movie. Started a group project called Armageddon that began a trend in the streets. Later on was taken by industry artists and Labels naming it "Horror rap". Armageddon was form by many Groups called A&D Underdogs, The Holocaust, Fatalities, The Unholy and many more. Architectnique left the Armageddon project and use his unique beat making abilities to pursue developing instrumental mixtapes for Hip Hop Artist who needed music. He moved to upstate New York where he still produces tracks. Currently is sell his Mix CD "My World Is Yours Vol 1" and "All New Preliminaries 2.0"