Antonio Cassone

This site is sort of Cassone in Syndication. Since 2007, Cassone has produced their web reality series showcasing life events, friends, drag shows, poetry and photography. Sometimes fun, other times serious, the "Getting Ready" series is a take on reality shows and has multiple seasons through the course of the year. In their poetry videos, Cassone shares their spoken word recordings of their poetic works. In the photography videos, enjoy the works of Cassone's efforts. All of these elements have also evolved over the course of time, which as daily posts come and go we hope you see this for yourself. Coming to DailyMotion is was way for the artist to broaden their audience.

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Suicide (from Tears and Thunder) - Antonio Cassone
Time (from Tears and Thunder) - Antonio Cassone (Audio Only)
Quiet (from Tears and Thunder) - Antonio Cassone