).Loki's Mountain

Lake and mountains located on volcanic Io,Jupiter's moon / Loki, the Scandinavian deity .<br /><br />). LOKI'S MOUNTAIN 1996 / 2014<br /><br />Discography:<br /><br />Since 1998, composition and execution of 11 discs in the catalog for Music & Music :<br />(zik114) Transmission 01 (zik 118) Yso (zik 138) Ominus Eerie (zik143) Classic XVIII (zik147) Taste of Cinema 1, (zik150) Ziko (zik155) Taste of Cinema 2, (Zic 166) Water Mirror (zik 194) Smooth & Easy,(zik 274) Movie Style 2, (Zik 327) Movie Style 3<br /><br />Production of a single Techno / Trance for Polygram / OmniSound 'Randoms and Melodies' groupe ). LOKI<br /><br />Composition of an album (Soulferino) Karen Tungay.