<b>ATTENTION:</b> <br /><br />Okay. Guys. Seriously. One person keeps posting really inappropriate links on my videos. Ignore them if they do. Most of all: <u><i><b>DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINKS</b></i></u>. These links contain SEVERELY profane content not to be viewed by anyone!! Please, please, please do not report me for having these links. I can't control this. <br /><br /><b><u><i>PLEASE KNOW I AM TRYING MY BEST TO CONTAIN THIS PROBLEM ALTHOUGH THIS IS A WARNING TO EVERYONE, THIS PERSON IS ON A MAD RAMPAGE.</i></u></b> <br /><br /><b>Here We Go...</b> <br /><br /><i>Note:</i> -yawns- Erika shall be away a little. Check my YouTube if you're that curious. <br /><br />I know I'm not as popular here as on YouTube. I would like to be, though. When I put up 'The Ghost of You' for a friend of mine I intend to see a few more views on my videos hopefully. <br /><br /><b>TO DO:</b> <br /><br /><u>Gravity</u> - <i>Wolf's Rain</i> (maranight) <b>[X]</b> <br /><u>Goodbye Beautiful Day</u> - <i>Aviatic</i> (maranight) <b>[ ]</b> <br /><u>The Ghost of You</u> - <i>My Chemical Romance</i> (Kari ~no DailyMotion account~) <b>[ ]</b> <br /><u>My Immortal</u> - <i>Evanescence</i> (Fangirlthefox ~no DailyMotion account~) <b>[ ]</b> <br /><u>Never Again</u> - <i>Kelly Clarkson</i> <b>[COMPLETE]</b> <br /><br /><b>PLEASE NOTE</b> <br /><br />A lot of the stuff I am currently uploading is coming from my heart so please know this. <br /><br /><i><u><b>Thanks everyone!</b></u></i> <br /><br /><b>PS:</b> I am either here: <br /><br /> <i><u>OR</u></i>