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Hello all! This is my dailymotion account in case my youtube account starts to fail due to me showing things.

Feel free to do whatever you wish here! I'll respond as much as I can and I do appreciate your comments, suggestions, and requests. =]


Wow Anonymous! You make me really driving crazy. Your slowly growing and growing body makes totally horny. I have lil request: May you could do a lil "walking" vid. Maybe in some all day jeans. That i would love very mutch. Thanx aand kiss you - Tim
2 weeks ago by bellylover2008
Great video!
3 weeks ago by Connorman1201
C W39
Good to see you back!! We appreciate what you do!!
3 weeks ago by C W39
We miss you, please come back. I can't wait for another video !
September by DeakonBlues

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