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My Youtube account was suspended. So here I'll upload the Trance Mixes I still have saved on my computer soon. But just so you know, some of them won't upload.. D:

Note: I don't send songs in email. =(

When I make new mixes or other videos, they're going to go here...if all goes well with this account. xD


When are you online!!!!
5 years ago by Andy
Yo, mimi. I sent you a message. I'm telling you, I'm serious. ApproachingNirvana is looking for people to help them get on youtube. Your star power could help them, and you could really stick it to the youtube admins and make a big return. Whaddaya say?
5 years ago by obelisk2049
good music and great job :)
5 years ago by Lukas
I love your mixes :) I'm so glad that somebody re-uploaded everything to youtube. Maybe i could get some site to perm. host your video's...
5 years ago by Jaapie23

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