Angry Girl

Making and watching movies, helping my friends with music and movie projects, surfing, playing hardcore Xbox 360, taking photos, racing, mini bike racing, exercising, breakdancing, skydiving, going out with friends, bowling, hardcore fishing, cooking with a passion, helping people. <br /><br />these are all the cool movies i like underworld 1&2, clerks 1&2, all x-men, all godfathers, goodfellas, scarface, casino, Leon, cars, the wild, happy feet, V for vendetta, running scared, into the blue, fast and the furious tokyo drift, the girl next door, lucky &#035; sleven, man on fire, goonies, swordfish, snatch, crank, riddick, american werewolf in paris, american werewolf inlondon, Van helsing, wolfen, wolf, Mr. and Mrs. smith, Dick and jane, Me, myself and Irene, Miller's crossing,any ganster movies any mobster movies. Damn i can go on... <br /><br />the music i like is Eminem, Ice cube, Lil jon and the eastside boyz, three 6 mafia, lil whyte, pitbull, daddy yankee, Terror squad, sevendust, mettallica, system of a down, Korn, my chemical romance, 311, sublime, alice in chains, paul oakenfold, sasha and digweed, goldie, outkast, snoop, akon, young jeezy, jayz, lil weezy, juve, distrubed, linkin park,AfI,The used, Tech 9, D12, boyz in da hood, mostly all techno, drum and bass, B.B. king, steve wonder, rick james, Dr. Dre, The game, some of mike jones, paul wall, lil kim, Ludacris, pharrell, Don Omar,Luny Tunes, dj Icey, dj baby ann, alice dj, Slipknot, Mudvanye, Ninepoint, seether, unwritten law, wow what a list i can go on for miles and miles!! <br /><br />