Jami Moon Dragon

YAYZ!!! I just realized I've been on DM for 2 years!! :D <br /><br />Haii This is Jamie! :3 <br /><br />sí habla Español! <br /><br />~Videos to make~ <br />Cream- Innocence <br />TailsXCream- Accidentally in love <br />Jami~ Sharada <br />Nick wants Jami to shut up <br />Madeline~ I'm just a kid <br />Erica~ Grow up <br />Rosie~ Split Personality <br />CosmoXTails~ If you're gone <br />CosmoXTails~ Slipped away <br />Luna~ Anything but ordinary <br />Cosmo~ My World <br />RazorXLuna~ Daydream <br />RazorXLuna~ Contagious <br />JamiXShadey~ I choose you Pikachu <br />RazorXLuna~ I hate everything about you <br />TailsXCosmo~ Chrash&Burn <br />CosmoXCharmy~ My little bumble bee <br />CreamXTails~ Crush <br />Ronno&Bambi~ Crash&Burn <br />CosmoXCream~ I kissed a girl <br /><br />~Songs~ <br />Innocence by Avril Lavinge <br />Accidentally in love <br />Sharada by Skye Sweetnam <br />Shut up by Simple Plan <br />I'm just a kid by Simple Plan <br />Grow Up by Simple Plan <br />Split Personality by Skye Sweetnam <br />If you're gone by Matchbox20 <br />Slipped Away by Avril Lavinge <br />Anything but ordinary by Avril Lavinge <br />Daydream by Avril Lavinge <br />My world by Avril Lavinge <br />Contagious by Avril Lavinge <br />I choose you Pikachu <br />I hate everything about you by 3 days grace <br />Chrash&Burn by Savige Garden <br />My little bumble bee by Aqua <br />Crush by Mandy Moore <br />Chrash&Burn by Simple Plan <br />I kissed a girl by katy Perry <br /><br />Also ofcourse I have my serieses to make!^^ <br /><br />Jessica and Glorah <br />episode 1- About us (DONE) <br />Episode2- Baseball bunny (DONE) <br />Episode 3- Bunny fight (DONE) <br />Episode 4- Cream VS Glorah (DONE) <br />Episode 5- Pure Evil- Part 1 (Done) <br />Episode 5- Pure Evil- Part 2 (DONE) <br />Episode 5- Pure Evil- Part 3 (DONE) <br />Episode 6 - Evil reign (DONE) <br />Episode 7- Razors Rage (DONE) <br />Episode 8-Jessicas reign- part 1 (DONE) <br />Episode 8-Jessicas reign- part 2 (MAKING) <br />Episode 9 - Jessicas captured (PLANNING) <br />Episode 10- Jessicas rescue (PLANNING)