Various songs I like because of music, lyrics, general message, videoclip, or have some sentimental value for me. <br />Plus some non-musical stuff. <br /><br />Things I also like, but can't upload: <br />- Akira Yamaoka and Rika Muranaka - Silent Hill, <br />- Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Tender Sugar, <br />- Angelo Badalamenti - Laura Palmer's Theme, <br />- Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Theme, <br />- Art of Noise - Moments In Love, <br />- Art of Noise - Robinson Crusoe, <br />- Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island, <br />- Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman - Suicide Is Painless, <br />- Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love, <br />- The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black, <br />- Queen - A Winter's Tale, <br />- ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'. <br /><br />Rest in my Favorites.