I am a whisper on the wind, a cry in the dark, do you hear me? I am the voice of truth, awaken, & see that which is. Good journey on your quest for wisdom, I am but a messenger. I'm as an idea, & ideas can change the world. Know also that you are change, & the act of thinking with open mind, creates a doorway. A doorway to true realization. Do not be blinded by the media's propaganda they spew at you day, & night claiming truth. Do not be drowned in their never ending retro-vertigo. Instead, seek truth for yourself, & never settle for anything less than actual facts, & self enlightenment. Knowledge is the key, turn that key. Only then do you step forth into the light of wisdom. Peace unto all that is, & "YHWH" the all. <br /><br />Veritas, Aequitas, Noesis!