Andrew Maxwell Morris

I am a singer songwriter and criminal solicitor. I was born in Australia and lived in Melbourne until the age of 9, when my parents packed up and left for the brighter shores of the United Kingdom, where I have lived on and off for the past 15 years. <br /><br />I have lead an exciting life, as, since the age of 11, my parents moved around the world chasing the expat lifestyle so I have lived in many countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brunei, Malaysia , Fiji and met so many amazing people. Its given me a different outlook , which i hope comes through in my music. <br /><br />I spend my days representing defendants in the magistrates court. Its a great contrast from music, but i draw from it and take inspiration to help me suceed. I spend my evenings gigging, writing songs and recording. <br /><br />My style is honest and comes from the heart - I talk about things that matter most to me in my lyrics. Work, life and my expereince moving around the world and the people that mean the most to me. <br />