Hi, I'm Anderson, 20 years old, and live in Fortaleza, Brazil. I started to make AMV's in december/2007 using Movie Maker and a few months later I began to use Adobe Premire Pro 1.5. Now I use Premiere CS3 and Sony Vegas for assembly and the After Effects for effects. Sometimes the use Particle Illusion and Autodesk Maya on my amvs. <br /><br />I still do not have much practice with editing, but always learn watching news AMVs. I am part of the "Grupo Anime-se" that promotes the HAHA, the biggest event of my city and many of my videos were made for him. <br /><br />Thanks to the entire community of AMV Makers Brazilians who always support and teach those who are starting to AMV. My favorites are the AMV Makers Tyler, Nostromo and Fadoo-sama. I always liked your videos and I hope some day reach the level of these. <br /><br />My A-M-V.Org Profile: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_myprofile.php?user_id=932793 <br /><br />Grupo Anime-se: http://www.grupoanimese.xpg.com.br