Award winning filmmakers Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan, Esperanza Productions’ co-founders, have kept a singular, almost unconscious focus in all of their documentaries on those who have made a difference for others, especially in defending human rights. DROPPING THE NUMBER 10 FOR DILI, the story of the brutal Indonesian occupation of East Timor, and how an Irish bus driver, became an international campaigner for the Timorese people; to WHERE 2+2=5, filmed in the favellas of San Paolo, Brazil about how one person mobilised a community by setting up an arts project, and transformed the lives of children involved in drugs and gang violence, demonstrates the consistent theme of their output. RACE TO THE BOTTOM filmed in the sweat shops in Bangadesh’s textile industry, and Derry in Northern Ireland, and which sought to show how that industry migrated from the so called Developed to the Developing World. Inspired by a factory fire in Dhaka, in which almost fifty women and girls were burnt to death because they had been locked into the factory.