Hey everyone out there in the internet land. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Amy. I made this account three years ago and apparently forgot about it lol. Anyways I'm back now and i want to give you all a little background on me. I started making videos in late 2006, but didn't start posting them til 2007. I first started making Luke and Noah from As the World Turns and a couple of John Paul and Craig Videos from Hollyoaks then jump around to different shows. In 2010, I started watching the Brendan and Ste storyline and then began to make Stendan Video. I will be post not only Stendan vids, but many other couple from different show. If you have an Idea for a video you want me to do feel free to contract me @ or head over to my youtube channel and leave a comment there or you can tweet me @amy_2023 or visit me @ <br />Thanks :D