~Introduction~ <br />Hiya! My name's AmatuerVids123! Since that's a pretty long name, just call me by my nickname, Star! As my name suggests, I am an amatuer video maker(and a terrible speller ^^;;). I make 'em for fun and when I'm bored. I love anime, reading some sports and almost all genre's of music. <br />~Just a Few Series I Love~ <br />Animes - Hetalia and Fate/Stay Night. <br />Games(Technically not series but whatever ^^) - Persona 4 and, if it counts as a game, HetaOni. <br />Book Series - Artemis Fowl and House of Night. <br />~Fave Characters~ <br />From Fate/Stay Night - Saber, Dark Saber, Rider, Lancer, Assassin and Shirou (The Heaven's Feel Route version of him though.) <br />From Hetalia - China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, England, Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Romano, Prussia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. (All I can remember at this point in time ^^;;) <br />From Persona 4 - Naoto and Shadow Naoto (My two top faves) BUT, I do still like the rest of the cast. <br />From Artemis Fowl - Artemis, Holly, Foaly, Butler, Juliet. <br />From House of Night - Stevie Rae (My top fave). Like with P4, I do still love the rest of the cast! <br />~Shipper?~ <br />Yes, I am a Shipper =w=;; I ship: <br />NiChu(JapanxChina) from Hetalia and, I'm gonna be shot for this, Dark SaberxShirou for Fate/Stay Night. Not that big on SaberxShirou, though I don't mind it, so between SaberxShirou and Dark SaberxShirou, the latter has my love ^^ <br />On that note, if anyone has any Dark SaberxShirou fanart/fanfictions please either send them to me, message me to let me know or link me to 'em! That kind of stuff is hard for me to come by so I'd appriciate it a lot!