Founded in 2001, Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment and/or education solutions. Based on results from University researches, Alterface today has 30 employees at its site in Belgium and a Sales and Service Partner in Branson, MO (USA). The company’s exclusive technology and expertise enable it to position itself as a key contact for its many clients, theme parks and museums, located all over the world. <br /><br />Alterface S.A. offers a range of interactive multimedia systems, innovative and life-like, recreational and educational for museums, science centers, and amusement parks. <br /><br />Combining innovation and industrial quality, Alterface has developed the Salto software driver, a sturdy interactive systems management tool, designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in public spaces. <br /><br />In the interest of offering a comprehensive service to its customers, Alterface is able to take on all the stages involved in the successful completion of a project, as the company has not only a design-engineering department, but also a research & development department and a content integration department. We have a complete High Definition video publishing unit, as well as a render farm, dedicated to High Definition 3D rendering. <br /><br />Our team can meet challenges of any kind, whether it has to do with technology, content, or interactivity. For its productions, Alterface owns patents on its innovative technology. Visionary as far as the future is concerned, Alterface also invests in various research fields, at the European level, in order to supply its customers with ever richer and more natural interactive solutions. <br /><br />In 2010, Alterface introduced the 5Di platform. This multi-contents platform is able to play a large portfolio of contents either produced by Alterface or other game design companies. Alterface R&D department develops always new leading edge technologies for interactive on site group games.