Atoosa Rubenstein

Welcome Alpha Kitty™! <br /><br />What's an Alpha Kitty™, you ask? Someone who's brave, creative, fierce, passionate and...well, yes, weird. Weird is the new normal, haven't you heard? After all, who wants to be cookie-cutter, anyway? Ugh. B-O-R-I-N-G. "Le freak c'ést chic" is our motto in the world of Alpha Kitty™. We're a celebration of being different...of being individuals...of self expression. <br /><br />I see a herd of stampeding (super glam!) Alpha Kitties painting the world with our points of view and unique style. Alpha Kitties™ must be heard. <br /><br />So...let's start now. I wanna hear from YOU: Upload your video response and let your voice be heard and your cutest outfits be seen! <br /><br />ALPHA KITTY is a trademark of Big Momma Holdings, LLC, all unauthorized use is prohibited