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Ali Haider (علی حیدر) is a Pakistani Sanah Khuwan Sufi Singer and Actor. He has had numerous hits in the early 90s such as Purani Jeans. He also had a big hit later in the 1990s with Chand Sa Mukhra. <br /><br />Besides singing, he has acted in numerous TV serials on PTV. Among the successful dramas was Chand Sa Mukhra, which used his hit song as the theme music. He also sang the theme music for the serial Chandni Raatein. He has a large fan following in Pakistan and India and with South Asian expatriates around the world. <br /><br />After resignation from music in 2009, Haider has become a sana khawan, and has released 3 religious albums, Mola Dil Badal Day, Shor Hai Mehshar Ka and Tuluh E Fikr. Latest Album is "Kee Jana Main Kuan" <br /><br />Ali Haider grew up in the neighbourhood of Firdous Colony in Karachi, and was pursuing a Engineering degree at NED University when his showbiz career began. <br /><br />Since the 1990s, Ali Haider has produced over sixteen music albums of which dozens of songs were top hits and became very popular. These earned him a place among the top singers of Pakistan. <br /><br />His first album was Jane Jan Sun which included the title songs of jawaniyan, and Dhoop Kinare sung along with Nayyara Noor. This album was released by EMI and is obsolete in market,