Hello, For my website, don't click it please u will be redirected to www.dailymotion.com/www.dattebayo.com <br />Please type the website in your address bar to go to my website. <br /><br />Shippok on youtube is going to try to get me more of her vids for me to upload here! <br /><br />If i ever get the chance i will try to get episodes of Naruto Shippuuden here if people want to have me do that. <br /><br />My account on youtube is byakuganfighter <br /><br />I will only upload vids here because people dont flag things as much here. besides i can upload larger and longer files here. <br /><br />Vid Count: 12 <br /> Shippok: 4 <br /> Frostretruns2: 6 <br /> DominicFear: 2 (and counting) <br /> anyone else...: 2 <br /> Me!: 0 (and im probably not gonna make any)