alain hebert

Alain Hebert <br /> <br />Film director and operator <br /><br />Born in February 1965, Alain Hebert is self-taught in audiovisual. At first a sound specialist (he produced radio adverts), he discovers in the early 90s the world of the audiovisual by mixing the soundtrack of a 52 minute film for the Cinquième: Femmes sans voile (Women without Veils). This experience will go on with the editing of many documentaries for the magazine Ushuaïa and it won’t take long before he decides for himself which pictures he wants as he goes behind the camera. <br />After starting out as film reporter for France 3 Rhône-Alpes, he signs his first documentaries. Spotted and encouraged by Igor Barrère and Jean-Pierre Fleury he then produces many documentaries for TF1's Histoires Naturelles (Natural Stories). <br /><br />International Experience: <br />Countries <br />France, Finland, Russian Federation, Estonia, Ethiopia, Italy, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, USA, Canada, Tunisia, Algeria, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal, Ukrainia <br /><br />Advantage studio <br />A Documentary Film Production Company <br /><br />Advantage-studio est une société de production indépendante basée à Lyon (France) et spécialisée dans la production de documentaires pour la télévision. Elle compte les plus grandes chaînes françaises au nombre de ses diffuseurs : TF1 et les chaînes du groupe France télévision en particulier.