1185 DUNDAS STREET EAST SUITE 216 <br />MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO <br />L4Y 2C6 <br /><br />PHONE: (905) 272-3511 / FAX: (905) 275-1821 <br /><br />WE ARE YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS! <br /><br />Established as SSS Driver Training in 1989, and renamed in 1998, the newly named ADEPT Drivers' Education has provided new drivers with specialized driver's education and training. The word ADEPT, meaning 'highly proficient', stands for Accurate Drivers' Education and Professional Training. <br /><br />The classes include both in car and in class lessons, all taught by Ministry-approved Licensed Driving Instructors. The ADEPT instructors are all very patient, well-trained and highly qualified, and provide top notch service in order to prepare drivers, both young and old, for both G1 exit and G2 exit Road Tests. This training is provided according to the Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver's Education Course Guidelines. <br /><br />