Blaise<br />Please enjoy my videos which focus on the Total War games and some of their mods. Online I am called Ace_Blazer. <br /><br />If you'd like to have a chat or play against me, leave me a message; however, I will not guarantee you a video. <br /><br />Be sure to check out the co-commentary vids I've made with Peul aka Angelos, Kharkidevil, Roberticus, HeirofCarthage, and PoM. <br />If I were to a steal catchphrase, I suppose the unexceptional gamer describes me. Attila16 got me into RTW with his campaign vids & the PrinceofMacedon with his superb commentary vids got me into doing my own. <br /><br />I use FRAPS to record my video which allows me to record commentary at the same time. I've used Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Pro, and CyberLink <br />PowerDirector.