Well, in short, if I was an animal, I'd be a dog. lol 8D <br />I'm loyal, fun-loving, have a short attention span(also known as ADHD), I love food, and sports, I believe the greatest gift God has given to us is love, I try to forgive anyone who ever wrongs me, and I love everyone(although, I may not LIKE everyone...). <br /><br />I love Rascal Flatts, Josh Groban, George Huff, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, The Four Tops, Commedores, Demi Lovado, Chicago, Journey...the list goes on. I love old school music and stuff. :D <br />I am a Disney fanatic(meaning I've seen every Disney cartoon EVER) and I want to be an animater when I go to collage. I love to draw, paint, do pixel art on the computer and sing.