-Business Law for Business Owners- <br /><br />The Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C., has maintained a position as one of the leading Small Business Law Firms in Arizona. With experience in business and law, Mr. Hudspeth served as a Professor of Business Law and Ethics at Arizona State University and has conducted classes and seminars for Phoenix College, Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Center and the Arizona Small Business Association, as well, he attended Harvard Law School-Public Instruction for Lawyers. <br /><br />Mr. Hudspeth is dedicated to serving the interests of small-business owners and operators and can relate to the challenges and legal issues that face businesses. Attorney Donald Hudspeth understands business from the "inside-out," not the "outside-in." English and Español <br /><br />Establishing the legal structure of your business is the first vital step in launching a successful business venture. Allow our attorneys to help you choose a business structure that is appropriate for your type of business, level of risk, and management style. <br /><br />We offer over 25 years experience in business, business law, commercial litigation, corporate representation and business formation, including contracts, international business and intellectual property. <br /><br />"The Business of Our Firm is Business" <br /> - Arizona Business Lawyers <br /><br />SEE ALL "10 COMMON MISTAKES THAT BUSINESS OWNERS MAKE": (pdf)