Troy M Anderson

About Troy M. Anderson, Fitness Coach & Owner of Anderson Training Systems <br /><br />Troy M. Anderson is the owner of Anderson Training Systems (ATS), a fitness and sports performance coaching business located in Tempe, Arizona. <br /><br />In this day and age of empty promises and quick fix diets, Coach Anderson brings A unique “practice what you preach” philosophy to the fitness industry. <br />Coach Anderson is often referred to as "the MacGyver of coaching" for his unique ability to build effective performance enhancing programs using only the most basic equipment. <br /><br />This no frills coaching style is perfectly suited for both everyday and elite athletes who seek optimum results. <br /><br />Anderson Training Systems Runs on Two Guiding Principles: <br />Fitness Ain't Pretty- RESULTS ARE! <br />Ductus Exemplo <br /><br />For more articles and instructional videos, visit: <br /> <br /><br />To Read the ATS Weekly Blog, go to: <br /> <br /><br />For Regular Exercise Video Updates visit: <br /> <br /><br /> Over 30 articles and 150 video published. <br /><br />To learn about Troy's unique approach and how it can enhance your training <br /> and accelerate your results, visit <br /><br />For any other fitness questions you can contact ATS by: <br />e-mailing or calling  (480) 227-8090.