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On September 14, 1991, I was home praying at my favorite place. For many years I had used an old chippendale
armchair as my place to kneel before the LORD. My routine
in prayer was well established; I knelt, observed the verses
of the Lord's prayer as found in Matthew 6. From there as was my custom, I waited on the Holy Spirit to inspire me.

I am not sure how long I had been praying, but I heard myself say the word
ATLAH: then the Holy Spirit stopped me. He then said, "see now the word
you have spoken is the new name I have given for the land formerly called

For the past thirteen years I have been preaching The Vision of, 50,000
Righteous Men Living for the Lord in the community formerly called
Harlem. Essentially the answer to the problems of this Ghetto can be solved
by the men becoming Righteous Men, but more importantly Almighty God will
get the glory when He raises up a people who are now not a people; and the
world will have to acknowledge it was the Living God who raised up this

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