On September 14, 1991, I was home praying at my favorite place. For many years I had used an old chippendale <br />armchair as my place to kneel before the LORD. My routine <br />in prayer was well established; I knelt, observed the verses <br />of the Lord's prayer as found in Matthew 6. From there as was my custom, I waited on the Holy Spirit to inspire me. <br /><br />I am not sure how long I had been praying, but I heard myself say the word <br />ATLAH: then the Holy Spirit stopped me. He then said, "see now the word <br />you have spoken is the new name I have given for the land formerly called <br />Harlem." <br /><br />For the past thirteen years I have been preaching The Vision of, 50,000 <br />Righteous Men Living for the Lord in the community formerly called <br />Harlem. Essentially the answer to the problems of this Ghetto can be solved <br />by the men becoming Righteous Men, but more importantly Almighty God will <br />get the glory when He raises up a people who are now not a people; and the <br />world will have to acknowledge it was the Living God who raised up this <br />community.