Welcome to ARAKARABLUE TV <br /><br />THE MANGOSTEEN MINUTES <br />I am having a personal XANGO MANGOSTEEN EXPERIENCE. We know that the human body completely changes each cell over the course of one years time. So, on 01-01-08, I started keeping a Video Blog here on YouTube about my journey with the MANGOSTEEN FRUIT as I began my change. <br /><br />So I took a leap of faith and went with it, I had no idea that this XANGO MANGOSTEEN existed before 11/1/07 nor did I realize it would change my view about my life. I was looking for something else completely and stumbled on Xango. <br /><br />Educated yourself about MANGOSTEEN. For you! <br /><br />I have made it my MISSION to LET THE WORLD KNOW about XANGO MANGOSTEEN. Make this XANGO MANGOSTEEN a part of your day and you too will feel and see and know what I am saying here. And most of all what you are seeing here. <br /><br />I support and build business that practice GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS that are BENEFICIAL to all. <br /><br />Change your body with Mangosteen. Thank you. <br /><br />ARAKARABLUE <br />