AMX Interactive

Thanks for stopping by the OFFICIAL DAILYMOTION CHANNEL for AMX Interactive. Here you can find YOUR PREFERRED LOCAL CAR DEALERSHIPS advertisements, specials, and promotions...all in video form. Some are produced by our inhouse video production team, and some are corporate releases. Over time you will be able to type your city in our channels search to find the best deals, savings, and most PREFERRED CAR DEALERSHIPS in your area!

Who are we and what do we do?

AMX Interactive d/b/a specializes in the automotive sector. Our proprietary products and comprehensive marketing platform assures high visibility online to car dealers nationwide, with primary focus on increasing relevant leads that result in accelerated conversions within their LOCAL Market.

We are a multi-faceted company with a strong enterprise technology team, marketing specialists, advertising experts that builds Custom Designed Websites hosted on our platform and synchronized with our web based mining intelligence software. We have in-house highly creative graphics designers specializing in PR as well as TV & Internet Video Advertising. AMX has a full service infrastructure - all under one roof.

Our web-enabled tools and solutions will drive your car dealerships to No 1 positions across all internet channels in your Local area. We generate maximum visibility online for our clients resulting in increased targeted lead generation - accounting for more than 40% increased conversions within a very short time.

If your CAR DEALERSHIP is looking for accelerated REACH AMX will deliver accountable results!

And for you the viewer, just think of us as a quick search to find the RIGHT CAR DEALERSHIP for you in your specific area!
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