ALTAY LIK GALLERY it is projects structure from a few directions in modern art begining 21 century. <br /> The studio ALTAY LIK GALLERY working in that styles. <br /> The director of studio ALTAY LIK GALLERY is Ganova Ludmila. <br /> Ket Gun is artist,poetess, photography model and photographer. <br /> Tsurikov Iliya is musician,artist,photographer and photography model. <br /> We are travel in Mountain Altay,Russia where is people of Russia looking for his happiness in <br /> country "Belovodie" about many centures. <br /> Nikolay Rerih found this place in his expedition on Altay and tell about expedition in his book <br /> "ALTAY - The Himalayas" <br /> he made in expedition some series of paintings about this fantastic places. <br /> The photostudio "ALTAY LIK GALLERY" also aspire to personify in own arts the beauty Mountain Altay <br /> and create photographs of landscapes,makes photographs of the great river "Katun", <br /> and unique flowers of Mountain Altay. <br /> This flowers exist only on Altay. <br /> Love to the world (the world of nature) and human civilization and hope about <br /> each human who see our creation wil be in active position in his own life, <br /> wish to help the human in hard situation. <br /> It is our way in life.