Alex Koloskov

AKELstudio, Inc. is a commercial photography studio in Atlanta, GA. <br /><br />With years of experience in digital photography, we offer our cutting-edge services to corporate and private clients throughout Georgia and Atlanta area. <br /><br />Our services include: <br /><br /> * photography for advertisements, catalogs, web sites, brochures, annual reports; <br /> * construction, architectural and industrial photography, <br /> * hotel and restaurant photography, <br /> * food and drink, product, still life photography, <br /> * editorial photography. <br /><br />Alex Koloskov- photographer - is originally from Kiev (Ukraine, Eastern Europe). Alex moved to Atlanta in 2001 and opened AKELstudio in 2006. Alex discovered his passion for photography some 20 years ago, when he purchased his first film camera as a child and started developing his own pictures in a bathroom-based darkroom :-) <br /><br />Working as a professional photographer, Alex concentrates his attention on photographic lighting which makes his images perfectly clear and sharp. His creative mind and strong work ethic help him meet his clients' demands and produce top-quality photographs every time. However, what truly drives Alex is the fact that photography is his passion. <br /><br />"Capturing an image," says Alex "is holding on to a moment of life. A photograph allows us to see beyond the everyday, to focus on just one second, one instance of eternity. And hold on to it forever. Ansel Adams has said: 'There are always two people in every picture - the photographer and the viewer.' I always try to put myself in place of my clients - the viewers - and think, what will they see when they look at this image? Will this photograph meet their needs?"