Jasmine Cora

A profile dedicated to everything Princess Tutu. Original and unique songs used to Princess Tutu, from emotional, humor, parody, power and more. All edited by Jasmine Cora. <br /><br />Presented will be music videos edited and created by myself, Jasmine Cora, as well as some extras ... the clean opening of Princess Tutu, outtakes, promos and more! <br /><br />DISCLAIMER: <br />Princess Tutu © ADV Films & Ikuko Itoh <br />I do not own any of the footage used in the music videos shown, or any of the music, unless otherwise stated in the video descriptions. The music videos presented are fan made and are for entertainment purposes only. The special featrues and outtakes are property of ADV Films and are meant also for entertainment purposes only. I am making no profit from these videos whatsoever. <br /><br />PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE! <br /><br />Please visit the homepage on YouTube: <br />http://www.youtube.com/user/AGirlNamedDuck <br /><br />*This is the backup account in case YouTube ends up suspending my account for copyright claims.* <br /><br />