Alex Leblanc

DIGITAL EXPERIENCE PRODUCERS <br /><br />Our job is to imagine an original creative content for your brand that we put on stage for all digital media, in order to experience a unique communication / unique to your customers. <br /><br />More than a design agency VERTU is an agency with human dimension, strong reactivity and sharp understanding created by a duo of art directors (who worked for fashion, cosmetic, luxury & music) & devoted to creativity, diversity and innovative global vision. <br /><br />We are expert in all fields of Films, Web Design and Graphic Design who intervene in each stage of your project. <br />We believe that ideas begins as an emotion <br />Our flexible small team structure allows us to work to a variety of budjets. <br />We provide our clients with highly innovative creative solutions enabling them to communicate dynamically to their customers or target. <br />Develop our clients brands with concern of the truth visual aesthetic & get client satisfaction. <br />Beside VERTU develops researching on design, photography, audiovisual, edition & music . <br /><br />CREATIVE DIRECTORS ASSOCIATES : <br />Julien Toty & Alex Leblanc <br /><br />DATE OF CREATION : 2004 <br /><br />SKILLS : <br /><br />Ad Campaign, Art Direction, Logotype, Typography, Digital Retouching, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging graphic & design, Buzz marketing, Visual Identity, Web Design & Development , Multimédia & Broadcast, Production, Print, Design for Events ... <br /><br />Corporate : Corporate identity, Brand design, identity & signature, Annual Report <br /><br />Photography : We are photographers ourselves & do the art direction with our contributors photographer as well. <br /><br />In the fields of Luxury, Cosmetic, Music, Corporate & Advertising