*A*A*O* aka "BAYO"

O.L.O.R.U.N. International is a group of emerging interdependent synergistic companies in the process of development to provide the tools, techniques, and strategies for people from all walks of life to live successfully and prosperously in every dimension of life. The foundation company is our cornerstone O.L.O.R.U.N. Entertainment ("Our Love Of Rap Unites Nations") <br /><br />We fully engage people who want to grow, inspiring these individuals to be, do, and have a higher quality of life. We teach individuals how to find genius within themselves endless reserves of health, love, awareness, wealth, prosperity, abundance and self-mastery. <br /><br />We bring people together for peace and unity internationally via their willingness to grow, contribute, and connect with the world. We provide the greatest possible services in the greatest possible quantity worldwide for any individual seeking to learn personal development skills and increase the levels of power, joy, and love within themselves and maximize the output of productivity and performance they can give to themselves and the world. Like all true harmonious principles, we site the focal point of love as the catalyst for progress in any area of life, a respect for words, emotion, enlightenment, self-education, entertainment, and empowerment. <br /><br />We manifest the principle that concentrated pure sober progressive thought, "incantations" (magical words spoken and written forth), and right action have the ability to create transformation in people no matter what the circumstances or seeming limitations are in a person's life, allowing each individual to have a uniquely divine and meaningful existence. Our growth comes from continually igniting this common love for thought, word, and action; especially in our congruent and intersecting internationally linked company visions and missions of Education, Entertainment, Publishing, Philanthropy, and Entrepreneurship. Included within our companies will be a unique array of products and services - ie. self improvement strategies, multi-media, film, musical recordings, publishing, clothing, artistic expressions, training courses, network marketing opportunities, real estate education, online learning, classes, workshops, and seminars. <br /><br />Our global presence and marketing style is an effort to also contribute to large scale movements on all continents among younger generations who are seeking financial education, literacy and numeracy; peace, unity, and a higher quality of life. Our presence will ultimately be established and franchised globally on all 7 continents; in the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia We work daily to instill prosperity consciousness in people, educate the masses, and spread peaceful enlightenment. <br /><br />Our commitment and determination clearly hold the key to our belief that the human spirit continues to overcome all barriers that might prevent people from achieving increased civilization, human potential, and sustained lifelong freedom, happiness, prosperity, liberty, and fulfillment. <br /><br />