A&S Productions is a division of 2Brains Entertainment Group. <br /><br />With its 12 labels it forms an important part of 2Brains Music, the record label of the 2Brains Entertainment Group. <br /><br />1) 2BRAINS MUSIC <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels <br /><br />Labels: <br />a) A&S PRODUCTIONS <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/as <br /><br />b) KULAK <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels/kulak <br /><br />c) MILKSHAKE <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels/milkshake <br /><br />d) TABOO MUSIC <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels/taboo <br /><br />e) DANZA RECORDS <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels/danza <br /><br />f) KLUBBERZ <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/labels/klubberz <br />Send all your demo's, samplers, tracks to; <br />demo@2brains.be <br /><br />2) 2BRAINS PUBLISHING <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/publishing <br /><br />3) 2BRAINS BOOKINGS <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/bookings-2 <br /><br />4) 2BRAINS TALENT SUPPORT <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/artists-2 <br /><br />5) 2BRAINS TRADING <br />Promotional Items, merch.. for artists, festivals, music industry... Delivery on time, on demand, latest & hottest items, best prices! <br />trading@2brains.be <br /><br />5) 2BRAINS CONSULTANCY <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/consultancies <br /><br />2BRAINS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP <br />-Web: <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be <br />- Myspace: <br />http://www.myspace.com/2brainsentertainment <br />- Soundcloud: <br />http://soundcloud.com/2brains-entertainment/ <br />- Youtube Channel 2Brains Entertainment: <br />http://www.youtube.com/user/2BrainsEntertainment <br />- Youtube Channel A&S Productions: <br />http://www.2brainsentertainment.be/music-2/as