We are a British based variety store selling items at 99p and under only. We use a warehouse based model operating from a picking centre purely online without any physical shops. Currently we are serving households across the EU to provide British Produce to households across Europe. Right from the word go, we have always done things differently at 99p Shopper. <br /><br />Trying to revolutionise grocery shopping, we don’t believe in copying everybody else, our pick and dispatch centre allows us to pack and ship products without the need of any physical shops, allowing us to offer exclusive Internet Prices Only. <br /><br />Everything we deliver comes straight from our delivery centre. We have become the first online Supermarket under cutting the pound and offering products at 99p and less. <br /><br />Good Quality, low priced household essentials means everyone can complete their weekly shop with us for great value saving money as well as having shopping delivered to your door .