Andy Morales

I'm Andy Morales and i'm a complete 1980's fanatic/disk jockey! I always try my best to show the world some of the most uncommon/popular music of the 1980s decade. Hope you guys will enjoy my channel. :) I was a 1980's disc jockey for 94.5 WEXR at M-W High School in Central Valley, NY. To hear the Best Of The 80's as well as other 98.7 Kiss FM Special shows in my archives, go on my Youtube channel. Here is the link: My idol radio station is 98.7 Kiss FM in New York City (RIP). During the 80's, it was the highlight for some of the best and most uncommon 80's music of all time! I honor all of the DJ's who were on that station! They put their heart and soul into their prides and made this magnificent decade into a decade of music we will never forget! THE 1980'S!!!!!!!!