Dave Nash

Hello Everyone. My name is Dave Nash, and on April 25th, 2010, Parental Alienation Awareness Day, I will attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the Fastest Crossing of Canada on Foot (Male). The current record is 72 days, 10 hrs and 23 min. It was set from June 21st, to September 1st, in 1991 by Al Howie, who ran across Canada, from St John's, Nfld, to Victoria, BC, a distance of 7295.5 km (4,533.2 miles). <br /><br />I will attempt to break this record by running (and walking) exactly two and a half Marathons a day, for a total of 105 kms a day with no days off. <br /><br />I am attempting to break this World Record to raise awareness about our Canada's FAILING and BROKEN, so-called "Family" Justice System, as well as the Canadian Governments' UNWILLINGNESS and OUTRIGHT REFUSAL to reform the system for the sake of our children. <br /><br />Furthermore, I am attempting to break the World Record for the Fastest Crossing of Canada on Foot to help get your support as a Canadian Citizen, for an Equal Shared Parenting Private Members Bill, Bill C-422, that was introduced before Parliament on June 16th, 2009, by MP, Maurice Vellacott of Saskatoon. <br /><br />Bill C-422 would reform the Divorce Act, and help put Children's best interests forward by making Equal Shared Parenting the normative determination by courts dealing with situations of divorce involving children. <br /><br />I ask you, don't the Children of Divorce deserve the right to have an Equal Relationship with both their Mother and their Father??? <br /><br />If you believe that Children do, then please help me ensure that Bill C-422 gets passed, by writing a letter to your Member of Parliament, Canada's Justice Minister, Mr. Rob Nicholson, as well as our Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper. <br /><br />Please visit our website at http://www.crosscanadarun4thechildren.com/ <br />to learn more about how you can help ensure that Bill C-422 gets passed into law. <br /><br />