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60secondparis ( & www.60secondapris.com) offers insider glimpses of *authentic* Parisian life to those who adore/love/dream of etc...PARIS! See & learn of Paris' magical/hidden past --its forgotten faces or famous places & traditions, customs, culture & more. Anything Off-The-Beaten path! **Now Posting FRIDAYS! (See 60secondparis link below)! .....oh, and Subscribe! thx!
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WATCH unique shot-on-the-fly & well-researched Paris videos about: History, Science, Culture, Humour, the Oldest, Last (Outdoor Toilets, Drawbridges, etc), most Bizarre, the Heroic (Rose Valland), & much more. MY GOAL: 'Lift the Veil' on la vie Parisian: The hidden, unusual, the beautiful, charming, all towards revealing the wondrously uplifting, maddening, fascinating & supremely French experiences as I encounter, celebrate and am left in awe by them.

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