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60secondparis ***NOW AT http://60secondparis.com....see the news site!!!---
...is dedicated to capturing & sharing Paris videos which chronicle anything from enchanting daily Parisian moments to its magical & hidden people, places and traditions! THE NEW 60seondparis.com website is NOW ON LINE!!! Take a look! Watch unique shot-on-the-fly or well researched videos across a wide range of subjects: History, Science, Culture, Humour, the Oldest (Street Art), the Last (Outdoor Toilets, Drawbridges, etc), the Heroic (Rose Valland), and more. Some videos are shot on the fly or take weeks of prep work. My goal is to 'Lift the Veil' on Parisian things hidden & unusual; its beauty, charm, the unusual, ...all towards revealing the wondrously uplifting, maddening, fascinating and supremely French experiences as I encounter, celebrate and am left in awe by them. Questions/Idea?: E-mail: pariscache@gmail.com