Jamie Mr.Majic

I am an avid collector of everything related to the fighting arts. . .and superheroes. If it's Muhammed Ali, Superman, Spiderman, Bruce Lee, or Cung Le - I want to see it. Bruce Lee's best movie was Enter the Dragon, but his most personal was Way of the Dragon - featuring the epic clash between East and West Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee. Norris' best movie was The Octagon - but special mention has to go to Lone Wolf McQuade for setting the stage for the greatness of Walker Texas Ranger to come. I'm just joking around about Chuck Norris - but I mention him because like myself, he is a fan of mixed martial arts. Boxing. Kickboxing. Mixed Martial Arts. Ultimate Fighting Championship. Elite XC. Strikeforce. Pride (R.I.P.). Dreams. M1. Golden Boy Promotions. Don King Promotions. Or Vince MacMahon's WWF/WWE/ECW! I love it all.