Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is an amazing new web series told in the style of a modern day Turkish soap opera. <br /><br />Adel is arranged to marry his Grand Uncle's obnoxious spoiled granddaughter in exchange for his permanent status in Canada. <br /><br />Sababa Emporium Film Productions with AR Films have completed the feature film which will be released on DVD in 2013. The launch of the series was in December 2011 as a weekly One 5 minute episode released on YouTube and Daily Motion.<br /><br />Almost a Turkish Soap Opera web series is a week about Adel, a young Turkish man whose family has lived in poverty while his grand uncle controls the inheritance money which rightfully belongs to his father. Adel moves to Los Angeles to seek opportunities, ends up working illegally and getting deported. Desperate to leave Istanbul, he agrees to marry his wealthy grand uncle's spoiled obnoxious granddaughter in exchange for his permanent resident status in Canada. Unfortunately he falls in love with his pretty English teacher and tries to juggle both women at the same time. How did his life turn into a Turkish soap opera?