20somethingjourney.com is a website that focuses on the new generation of twenty-somethings which are labeled as generation y’ers. There is a new phenomenon called the “emerging adulthood” stage of life that follows adolescence where twenty-somethings are embarking on journeys of self-discovery. 20somethingjourney.com is an interactive website that caters to those that are in this stage of life. Host Marina Curry takes you on a personal journey after quitting her 9-5 office job where she felt stuck and unfulfilled in her life. Each day after work she would find herself obsessed with understanding her life’s purpose, which led her to seek information that pertains to self-discovery. She started attending workshops, reading books, and challenging her limiting beliefs, which led to her to abruptly quitting her job in search of herself. She left her financial security and decided to wake up each day and do what would make her happy and leapt into the realm of infinite possibilities with no plan or direction. Follow Marina Curry as she transforms her mediocre day-to-day existence into living the life of her dreams. <br /><br />20somethingjourney.com is an interactive website that features all of the most life changing experiences, products, and information that can guide a twenty-something through this crucial time in their lives. Marina fearlessly challenges herself to be the face of twenty-something self-discovery by sharing her innermost thoughts. Who better to show a twenty-something generation y-er what is out there than another twenty-something!