2008 MTV Movie Awards

Submit your Spoof, vote, and tune-in on June 1 to see who wins at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards hosted by Mike Myers. <br />www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2008/spoofs.jhtml for more details! <br /><br />Submit your short spoof video from April 16 - May 18th to this group and you could win a Spoof Award live on stage at the June 1st 2008 MTV Movie Awards. <br /><br />The winning video from Dailymotion will be featured on MTV.com from 5/23 to 5/28, where MTV.com (and Dailymotion) users will vote for their favorite. <br /><br />The Dailymotion finalist wins an all-travel and hotel expenses paid trip to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, as well as an invitation to an exclusive MTV event and a Flip Video Camcorder (visit www.theflip.com for more info on this product). <br /><br />Be sure to tune-in to the June 1st MTVMA broadcast to see if your support earned our finalist the 2008 Spoof Award. <br /><br />Spoof guidelines: <br />Video can be up to 3 minutes in length <br />Get music from Pump Audio by following this link: https://soundtrack.pumpaudio.com/mypumpapp.aspx?partnercode=MTV08 <br />or use your own original music <br />Get creative, no nudity or profanity <br />Get your friends to vote for your video <br /><br />Movie list to parody in your video: <br />Knocked Up <br />Evan Almighty <br />Hairspray <br />Superbad <br />Juno <br />Leatherheads <br />Disturbia <br />Transformers <br />Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix <br />The Bourne Ultimatum <br />Beowulf <br />Cloverfield <br />Jumper <br />10,000 BC <br />I Am Legend <br />28 Weeks Later <br />Sweeney Todd <br />The Eye <br />The Ruins <br />Into the Wild <br />No Country for Old Men <br />Across the Universe <br />Fools Gold <br />Enchanted <br />