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2L8 is the project of K the Clown and a team of collaborators and musicians based in Thessaloniki, North Greece.
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The 2L8 debut "Armed Angels, Frustrated Youth, the Art of Self-Deceit and Music Industry" (Poeta Negra Records, 2005) made a major impact on both critics and public in Greeece. Most reviews considered it as a "masterpiece" and described it as a document of contemporary musical expression, as the debut of the year! Post punk, pop, rock, hardcore, post rock and at the same time nothing like that.

"HE & SHE, Angry Enough to Keep Loving in the Dark Ages" (Inner Ear Records, 2008) is 2L8's second release. All the songs in the album jump in a ritualistic way, without the insistence in a specific musical form, that means there is a balance between post-rock and minimalism. The bursts of guitars, the sharp stringed instruments, the gloomy atmosphere and the opera vocals introduce a fanciful and lyrical work. All these elements in combination with the fine-crafted production create an avant-garde piece of music.

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