JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY, A Novel - by ELIZABETH GOOD<br /><br />Just Another Sunday is Anything But Ordinary<br /><br />Set against the backdrop of the turbulent late 1960s and early 1970s, Just Another Sunday is inspired by actual events and follows Lia Benedict, a teenager growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey.<br /><br />In the spring of 1968, Lia is 15 years old when her Italian-American family decides to leave Brooklyn for their dream home in the suburbs. But Lia is reluctant to pull up roots and go anywhere, especially to some godforsaken Jersey town. “I would rather thrive in the grime of New York than be plucked from my roots and transplanted in ‘Nowheresland’, just to wither away and die. I swear this is the kiss of death.”<br /><br />Her father, Frank Benedict, has worked hard to afford his own home for his wife, Marie, and five children after years of renting in Brooklyn. With the recent marriage of their eldest daughter, and visions of grandchildren in their future, new life in suburbia couldn’t be more promising. But their dream home quickly becomes a living nightmare, and the family’s move will prove to be the last they ever make as an intact family of seven.<br /><br />Just Another Sunday, is a compelling five year snapshot of one woman’s life, taking us through teenage angst and rites of passage, new love and broken hearts, friendships and betrayal, triumph and tragedy, and one family’s struggle to cope with the inconceivable.<br /><br />You will search your soul and ponder Life’s most provocative questions as you experience the unforgettable conclusion to Just Another Sunday.<br />More information and audio excerpt visit:<br />www.outskirtspress.com/justanothersunday<br /><br />Available for purchase online-Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com